Sao Thai Duong

21 years journey with the health of Vietnamese people

Foundation and development

Sao Thai Duong Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Thai Duong, was established on April 17, 2000 under the guidance of Nguyen Huu Thang and Nguyen Thi Huong Lien. Up to now, Sao Thai Duong has been a well known brand name of Vietnam in the production and trading of cosmetic pharmaceuticals and herbal functional foods.

After 21 years of experience with over 180 products, Sao Thai Duong brand has steadily built up its reputation with both domestic and foreign customers.

Research and development activities

Product research and development is Sao Thai Duong’s strength. Sao Thai Duong has become a household brand in Vietnam with more than 130 products on the market. Many products have become well-known in many Vietnamese’s families such as Thai Duong Turmeric cream, Thai Duong shampoo or Rocket. 

In addition, Sao Thai Duong also co-operates with scientific institutions and organizations, sponsoring research projects of national and international professors, doctors and students. 

Business activities 

At Sao Thai Duong, we believe that quality creates prosperity. Sao Thai Duong’s products are developed and manufactured to satisfy the needs of customers. All production and business activities are customer-centric. 

For many years, Sao Thai Duong’s manufacturing factory has met GMP and ISO standards. Sao Thai Duong always strives to enhance production and improve product quality.

Award and recognition 

After 21 years, Sao Thai Duong has been recognised and supported by domestic and international customers. In addition, Sao Thai Duong has been awarded many national honors and awards such as:

  • Certificate of innovation when using curcumin extract from turmeric to develop Suncurmin oral solution for the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers
  • Gold medal and “customer favourite” awards in 2003 for ginger oil product. 

Our Purpose

Bringing happiness to every person


Happiness to our customers


Sao Thai Duong is committed to deliver safe, natural and high quality products to our customers. We provide advice free of charge, whole heartedly serving out customers with the same care and respect as our parents. Our staffs are always ready to meet our customers directly if about any trouble regarding our products or service quality.

With business partners, we believed in shared benefits and always work ensure attractive privilege and special preferential policies.

Happiness to the community


At Sao Thai Duong there are always community outreach activities, sharing with the underprivileged such as people with disabilities, war victims and victims of natural disaster.

A few notable activities includes: Xuan Que Huong, AmCham, Book donation program etc

Work Environment

Sao Thai Duong – An environment to nuture and develop talents